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Just finished the script for the biggest project I've made so far.
took me months
Low Budget Poines
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when ur just gonna sit here and eat a nice meatball sandwich

Filename by sibkrluckystars
I assume you'll agree when I say I went through a lot of phases growing up that I regret. (Looking at you Ren & Stimpy and My Babysitter's a Vampire phases!) but the one phase that I absolutely have no regrets over is my Ernest movie phase. I must've watched "Ernest goes to School" and "Ernest Saves Christmas" and even "Ernest goes to Jail" about a hundred times tbh. Those movies are amazing though. EVEN BETTER THO? The "Hey, Vern! It's Ernest" TV SHOW. AND HIS COMMERCIALS YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OH MY GOSH ERNEST WHY AM I SUDDENLY REMEMBERING THESE
this face is far more important than any other face Buster makes in the entire movie

Filename by sibkrluckystars
Wander Over Yonder, Season 2 episode 16: My Fair Hatey (February 29, 2016)

Filename by sibkrluckystars
Yeah I'm a NERD

N- love
E- and
R- respect
D- Luigi


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Lucky Stars
United States
Member of WAY too many fandoms to name. (But mostly MLP and Gravity Falls). Co-Creater/Voice Actress/Animator for the YouTube Series "Canterlot Falls: Friendship is Mystery". Lover of theatre. Christian. Sagittarius, Hufflepuff, and ENFP. Probably the irl Mabel Pines and the female Peter Venkman (specifically from The Real Ghostbusters) Also, I guess I can kinda draw? Maybe

I occasionally post my art, but, let's face it: this is slowly becoming a Peter Venkman/The Real Ghostbusters fan page.


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