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So I like to keep my bio pretty short so I decided to do like a whole little post-ey thing! Here it goes!

There's not a lot, I'm just a girl with an obsession with TV shows and movies. I love to sing, almost more than anything else. I also love to act, in fact singing and acting is my passion. With that, I do local theatre, which I love very much. I've always loved to doodle and draw little things here and there, but it never really was something that I wanted to spend almost all of my free time doing. Until about a year ago, when my brother and I started watching MLP and joined the fandom. I saw all of the amazing artwork and was like "I should try that!". I did, I wasn't very good at the time, but I did. So that's what inspired me. Not very interesting, but ya know. That's pretty much all I can think of to mention that's not in my bio. So yeah. Thanks for reading!
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